Startec DCL33 Intumescent Kit
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Startec DCL33 Intumescent Kit

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  • Application: The material expands substantially when exposed to hot temperatures for protection of door closersprovides fire resistance of up to 60 minutes

  • Version: Shaped pads of intumescent materialself-adhesivecut to size and notched

  • Note: The installation must comply with specifications and testing must have been carried out in accordance with EN 1634 in order to guarantee the fire resisting properties of the door. The applicable national and international guidelines, standards, approvals and other relevant regulations with regard to smoke control and fire resistance also have to be taken into consideration.Insulation against heat transfer is provided as soon as the intumescent material is activated.Concealed, hydraulic door closers must not be fitted to fire resistant doors without appropriate protection measures being taken. This is because:During installation it is required to cut away a large portion of the door which immediately reduces fire resistance.Many models contain flammable hydraulic oil.They are made from materials which are very good heat conductors.The aluminium housings are likely to melt in intense heat leading to breach.They take up much of the available door leaf thickness.