Hawa Dorado MF FitSet 3Door
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Hawa Dorado MF FitSet 3Door

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Sliding door system for top quality joinery and furniture where robust concealed bottom control requiredWith screw fixing running gearFor 19 - 22 mm thick doors use double top trackFor 23 - 25 mm thick doors use single top tracksRunning gear with back fixing plateTwo white plastic friction bearing mounted tandem runner assembliesEach fitting set comes with complete with installation drawing ref. 17658, available separately on requestHAWA soft closing system available separatelyFor multiple door layouts order as follows:4 doors - 2 sets of 2 door fittings5 doors - 1 set of 2 door and 1 set of 3 door fittings
  • Application: Mixfront cabinet and wardrobe doors
  • Installation: Screw and clip fixing
  • Adjustment facility: Height adjustment ¬¨¬®¬¨¬±3 mm
  • Door weight: Max. 40 kg
  • Door thickness: 19-25 mm
  • Material: Zinc alloy/steel/plastic/aluminium/rubber
  • Supplied with: 3 x Trolley hanger, right hand, for inner or outer doors, adjustable, nickel plated zinc alloy, 3 x Trolley hanger, left hand, for inner or outer doors, adjustable, nickel plated zinc alloy, 4 x Track stopper, for inner and outer doors, adjustable steel spring and retainer, 18 x 84 x 21 mm, bright zinc alloy, 1 x Allen key, for use to secure track stopper in twin track, steel, 2 x Guide, for outer doors, screw fixing, adjustable plastic guide roller, galvanised steel, 4 x Guide, for inner doors, screw fixing, plastic guide roller, galvanised steel, 4 x Guide stopper, for installation in guide channel adjustable, 26 x 43 mm, bright aluminium, 2 x Rubber buffer, ‚Äö√†√∂‚àö‚⧠15 mm recess mounted in edge of door in ‚Äö√†√∂‚àö‚⧠10 mm hole, light grey rubber
  • Order reference: Tracks and channels to be ordered separately