Eku Libra 20H Vertical FitSet 1Dr
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Eku Libra 20H Vertical FitSet 1Dr

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For top quality joinery workRefer to catalogue page for method of calculating sizes amd weight of countersunk
  • Application: Inset cabinet doors
  • Installation: Screw and clip fixing
  • Door weight: Max. 20 kg
  • Door height: Max. 1000 mm
  • Door width: Max. 1600 mm
  • Door thickness: Min. 16 mm
  • Counterweight: Must correspond to door weight, height must be smaller than door height
  • Material: SteelKevlarPlasticRubber
  • Supplied with: Fitting set for 1 door consists of 2 pairs x Running gear, used at the top and bottom of unit, left hand with retaining spring, right hand adjustable using SW4 allen key, plug in and screw fix to door panel, with black rubber door buffer and plastic roller with metal axle, anthracite grey plastic, 2 x Top bracket, screw fixes to top running gear and guides cord, silver chromatized steel, 2 x Bottom bracket, screw fixes to bottom running gear and guides cord, silver chromatized steel, 2 x Locking pin, secures cord to bottom bracket, steel, 2 x Cord, blue kevlar, 2 pairs x Running gear covers, clip on, anthracite grey plastic, 2 pairs x Cover plates, clip on, anthracite grey plastic, 1 pair x Cord front guides, slides into front track, secured using SW3 allen key, yellow chromatized steel, plastic, 4 x Cord guide bracket, screw fix to cabinet side wall, guides cord from front to rear, silver chromatized steel, 1 pair x Cord rear guides, screw fixing, side mounted at rear of cabinet, silver chromatized steel, plastic, 2 x Counterweight guide; silver chromatized steel bracket for screw fixing to counterweight and anthracite grey plastic bracket for securing cord, slot on and screw fix to steel bracket, 4 x Rear track buffer, anthracite grey plastic
  • Order reference: Front and rear guide tracks and cover profiles to be ordered separately.