Lid Stay Arretop 200mm St NP
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Lid Stay Arretop 200mm St NP

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With automatic lockFlap is locked when raised approx 75°Raising the flap further disengages the lock allowing it to be closedUnhanded designFor additional stay specifications, please see cat. page
  • Installation: Screw mounting to side panel and lid
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Nickel plated
  • Functionality: Open lid:Lift lid to approx. 75¬¨¬®‚Äö√†√ªuntil stay engages.Close lid:Lift lid slightly. Stop is released.
  • Order reference: Order Hospa ‚Äö√†√∂‚àö‚⧠3.0 mm countersunk screws separately