Maxi Lid Stay 37mm Model C NP
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Maxi Lid Stay 37mm Model C NP

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With power assisted opening. Unhanded design. By changing the installation position and combining Maxi with the appropriate accessories all common applications for flaps and openings can be realised. Can be used on one or both sides (depending on the size of the flap)Holding power can be adjusted individually to respective flap weight. For additional mounting dimensions and sample measurement tables, please see cat. page
  • Nickel plated
  • Application: For flaps made of wood or with aluminium frame, from frame width 45 mm
  • Edge distance: 37 mm
  • Opening angle: 75°, 90° or 100°
  • Installation: Clip mounting on pre-mounted screw fixing brackets included, no tools required
  • Adjustment facility: Height ±2 mm, side +3/-1 mm, tilt ±1.5 mm and holding power adjustment with SW10 Allen key facility
  • Guarantee: 25 years
  • Material: Stay: Zinc alloy. Screw-fixing brackets: Steel. Hinge cover and adjusting screw: Plastic
  • Finish: Stay: Nickel plated. Screw fixing brackets: Nickel plated
  • : Maxi. For flaps made from wood or with aluminium frame MAXImal-Talent: Many different applications can be achieved by varying the mounting point of just a single fitting, e.g. front panels without handles or effortless opening of even large and heavy flaps up to 50 kg (depending on flap height and mounting situation)Multi position stop function: The fitting can be adjusted so that it reliably holds the flap in any position. Separate soft closing mechanism available as accessory. Can also be used in combination with Duomatic Push self-opening concealed hinges or concealed hinges with integrated soft closing mechanism (trial mounting required)Standard application. For one-piece flaps made from wood or with aluminium frame, with handle. Flap weight up to 54.6 kg (depending on flap height and mounting situation)Holds the flap reliably in any position. With power assisted opening. Edge distance 28/37 mm. Mounting option for reducing amount of force required to open flap. For one-piece flaps made from wood or with aluminium frame, with handle. Functionality: Mounting 63 mm from the edge and rotating the cabinet mounting bracket by 180deg (bracket to the front) reduces the force required for opening flaps with certain flap heights and weights. Holds the flap reliably in any position. Trial mounting required Maxi  edge distance 63 mm (mounting bracket turned by 180deg Touch Opening  mounting version for front panels without handles. For handle-free, one-piece flaps made from wood or with aluminium frame. Functionality: A gentle push opens the flap slightly, it can then be fully opened and closed again by hand. Magnet function: Held closed by magnetic door catch and counterplate on the flap. Holds the flap reliably in any position. Edge distance 63 mm. Adjustment facility  Height adjustment*Side adjustment*Tilting angle adjustment*Holding power adjustment with SW10 hexagon socket key* depending on the hinges that are used.  Holding power adjustment with SW10 hex key. Note: Use numbers 1-8 for adjusting the holding power. Use numbers 9-12 to re-adjust flap after a certain time (if necessary).Note. Space requirement of installed fitting approx. 26 mm inside the cabinet.
  • Supplied with: Installation instructions
  • Order reference: Soft closing mechanism and push door catch (for ‘push-to-open’ or ‘touch opening’ application) available, please order separately Order Hospa Ø 3.5 raised head screws separately