Fall-Ex Flap Stay w Brake 325mm UH St NP
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Fall-Ex Flap Stay w Brake 325mm UH St NP

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With braking mechanism. Unhanded design. For additional technical information, please see cat. page
  • Installation: Screw mounting to side panel with system Varianta 32 series drilled holes, screw mounting to flap
  • Load bearing capacity: Approx. 10 kg per pair (trial mounting recommended)
  • Material: Stay: Steel. Square tubing: Brass
  • Finish: Stay and square tubing: Nickel plated
  • Adjustment facility: Braking effect Adjusting braking effect by turning the piston rod. Turn clockwise to decrease Turn anticlockwise to increase
  • Order reference: Order Varianta ‚Ø3 & ‚ Ø5 countersunk and ‚ 4.0 mm raised head screws separately